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March 2, 2009
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Bittersweet Symphony -Lineart- by Dreamwish Bittersweet Symphony -Lineart- by Dreamwish
The first thing he knows is her hair.

He doesn't really know when it first started, but he knows it was her hair he saw first. Shining ginger coiled into smooth perfect curls that bounced as she walked. It was so very different from the gaudy colors of the park, so very real that it seemed he simply had to become aware if only so he could see it.

After her hair came her face, bit by bit, piece by piece. Flawless pale skin, a soft creamy white that was comparable to moonlight. Her dark eyes seemed to dance as she gazed up at him, seeming to shine as if there were some sort of sparkling light deep within her. Above all else there was her smooth pink lips and perfect white teeth, fixated into a dazzling smile.

He didn't know why, but he loved that smile.

And then one day there was music.

He didn't quite know how to describe it, the way the notes seemed to dance through the air. They rose and fell, high and low, combining together to make a perfect, flowing stream of melody. It resonated within him, every flowing stanza seeming to bring his stone limbs to life as if they were the breath of some sort of secret God. There was her voice as well, whispered words in a lilting, singsong tone that seemed to combine with that flowing music into some sort of impossible essence that he could only describe as her. It echoed through the park, so very different from the carnival noises, so soft and beautiful and perfect.

It was perfection, and it matched her in a way nothing else could.

Day after day she would come, her curly red hair glimmering in the sunlight, her lips set into a gorgeous smile as she played and played on some strange object that she cradled in her hands. Always she would stand before him and she would play, speaking to him as if he were as living and breathing as her and the music she played.

Soon enough it seemed as if the rest of the park were living too. He met others like him, saw that he was not alone... but it didn't matter. To him, he was not the same as them. They were brought to life by some sort of magical force... he was certain he was different. They had been given life by the castle... surely he had been brought to life not by the castle, but by her music. Surely that must have been it.

He watched her. When they were all fully able to move and form groups and thoughts, he continued to watch her. When he was moved from his pedestal and she was forced to move to a different place to play, he watched her from there. He watched her play, the lovely notes scattering through the air, struggled to learn what they meant from her words. And still, even when he was gone she continued to talk, her words echoing through the empty park.

And so one day he decided to talk back.

"Can you teach me how to do that?"



A picture and some writing I was working on during my days of UTTERLY RIDICULOUS OVER-FANGIRLING for :iconunknown-person:'s Karl and his oh-so-dramatic, secret past. I wanted really badly to finish this but I feel a bit guilty making fanfiction now since so many people have been fangirling over Karl that it's kind of ruined it for me a bit. Yes I'm aware that's hypocritical since I was/am a fan, but... eh, it happens. Also with :iconescapefromnevara: I don't really have time to be working on such things. I posted what I wrote of the fic (yes, there is more than this scene) somewhere else and I might see about finishing it someday, so if you want a link note me and I'll toss it at you.

So yeah, ANYWAY, regarding the picture itself, 'tis Karl and the oh-so-mysterious Red-Haired Girl. I personally think her name is "Arma". I think Karl was essentially in love with her or whatever, blahblahblah, she left him (probably for someone with, you know, a heartbeat), he snapped and killed her. Then he couldn't take what he had done, so he ended up deciding in his rather screwed up head that the crow he'd gotten himself attached to was actually "Arma" and she's actually always there talking to him. This theory comes from the fact that the girl and Arma never show up in a scene together, leading me to consider that Karl may see them as the same "person".

WHOO that is dorky. Anyway, yeah, this is lineart for a picture I was doing... I'd love to color it, but I really don't have time, so I figured I'd just post what I have and let people enjoy it even if I feel a bit ashamed for having been/being a fangirl now. XD;;

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can i use this if I put a link in the discription saying it is yours?
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can I please have the link? I hate when a story is left unfinished!
Dreamwish Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2010
Ah, sorry, it's currently being published. It's not out yet, but it'll be under the title of Rigor Mortis in stores, so keep a look out! :3
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Haha, well, I do have other writings but they're not here, I can give you a link if you'd like.
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